Rildo, Brazilian Soccer Player, Kicks Ref After Getting Red Card (VIDEO)

08/03/2011 10:20 am ET | Updated Oct 03, 2011

In soccer, a red card is hardly ever well received by a player. It doesn't just end the player's day early, but it singles the individual out and deems him or her a cheat in front of the other players, and any number of spectators.

While it's expected for a player to bristle at receiving a red card, one doesn't expect a physical confrontation to come as a result of it. But that's just what happened in a Brazilian second division match between Esporte Clube Vitoria and Boa Esporte Clube. After receiving a yellow card for throwing a ball at the ref, and then a red for continuing his dissent, Rildo (full name: Rildo de Andrade Felicissimo) of Vitoria then turns and kicks referee Claudio Lima in the midsection before being ushered off the field by his teammates.

Apparently, Rildo could face a six-month ban for the attack. While that's steep, it's fair, and will hopefully give Rildo ample time to cool down and consider how not to act in the future.

Vitoria wound up losing the match to Boa, 1-0.


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