08/03/2011 12:41 pm ET | Updated Oct 03, 2011

Sessilee Lopez Dishes On Her Most Uncomfortable Gig & Strange Beauty Secret

At 22 years old, Sessilee Lopez is already a runway veteran, walking in major shows and bagging editorials and campaigns left and right. Women's Wear Daily caught up with the top model to talk about her eight years on the circuit and the tricks of the trade that she's picked up along the way.

Lopez told the fashion newspaper that she's sure to bring bandaids (for "fierce blisters") and honey when she travels for work.

Honey? For what?
For a mask. I just slather it on my face. It takes off the dead skin and leftover makeup. I also do an avocado-apricot-honey mask when my skin needs moisture.

Um, sticky? But even that gooey-sounding mess isn't as unbearable as one of Lopez's more uncomfortable modeling moments:

It was a dress for Christian Siriano's show. It was just very tight so I couldn't sit down or move. I just had to look straight and take baby steps. And they had dressed everyone at the same time and I was last to walk so it was just a matter of standing for a while. It was this feathery number. I was like, 'Can I sit?' and he's laughing like, 'Bitch, do you know how many hours I spent plucking those birds?'

It's all cool, though -- Lopez calls the "Project Runway" alum "my little buddy."

But her closest buddy? That would be mom Janice Celeste, who plays den mother to a slew of Lopez's model friends.

It was the access to Lopez's world that let Celeste to publish a tell-all book entitled "Making a Supermodel," in which she exposed the darker side of the industry, including the thieving that goes on in cramped communal apartments and one girl's tendency to eat cotton balls dipped in orange juice to feel full.

We've heard about the latter before -- it was mentioned in Sara Ziff's "Picture Me" mini-series for The Cut. In it, model Amy Lemons explains to Ziff that when she was 17 years old, her agent told her to "eat one rice cake a day and if that didn't work only half a rice cake," and she's seen young girls dipping cotton balls in juice and eating them.

Yeah...we'd rather slather honey on our faces.

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