08/04/2011 10:44 am ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

'Jersey Shore' Cast Brings The Heat To Italy In New Trailer (VIDEO)

From fist pumping to fist throwing, Thursday's season four premiere of "Jersey Shore" will be nothing short of an emotional roller coaster. And from the looks of the gang's new Italian adventure trailer, one thousand "mi dispiace" might not be enough to settle the score with the "Shore" invaded country. We've studied the trailer and from what we can tell, this may be the steamiest season yet for the fist-pumping, GTL-loving, juicehead-hugging guidos and guidettes.

DEENA: In true Deena fashion, the pint-sized Snooki look-alike takes a spill just minutes after the group lands in Italy. But the floor isn't the only thing Deena's getting acquainted with this season -- she's also getting romantic with Pauly D (WARNING: when the tongues come out, look away) and a pretty blonde, who The Situation was originally hoping to bed.

SNOOKI: Snooki takes on Italian culture like a pro -- and finally realizes that Florence and Firenze are the same place! But what's one thing that Snooki's not so sure of? That red means stop in almost every language. At the helm, Snooki crashes her car into a police vehicle.

VINNY: Like Snooki, Vinny is hoping to take away all he can from his summer in the motherland -- the language and a "traditional Italian girl." Vinny earns a few points for at least acknowledging the fact that there's something to be learned from our friends across the pond, but seems to fail miserably in the actual execution of his intentions. He only seems to get as far as "ciao" on the language front and the scenic surroundings have him wondering if locals open their windows and burst into song every morning.

SAMMI: As far as we can gather from the new extended trailer, Sammi's primary function this season is to comment on Italy's overwhelming population of pigeons: "I don't do birds."

PAULY D: Pauly D is on the prowl, but in our opinion he's broken one very gaudy golden rule -- don't smush where you sleep. This season, Deena seems to be the meatball of Pauly's eye.

JWOWW: Ever the voice of reason, what's JWoww's biggest accomplishment in Italy? Learning how to make pizza! The gang's summer job has them rolling dough at a local pizzeria.

RONNIE: Oh Ronnie, when will you learn that fighting words are always more effective than fighting fists when it comes to your Shore-mates? In true juicehead fashion, Ronnie revisits his scorned toddler fight stance -- and we're sure to eat up every red-faced minute of it.

THE SITUATION: "The Godfather" of the gang, The Situation is doing what he does best -- hooking up and meddling in his housemates' business, of course. But this time, Mr. Cool loses it and starts chest pounding with roommate Ronnie, before one of them finds themselves face up on a stretcher.

Tune in to MTV on Thursday, August 4th to see the entire gang get back to their "roots" and school a country on what it's like to be from the "Jersey Shore."

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