'True Blood' Season Four Episode Seven Clips: 'Cold Grey Light Of Dawn' Previews (VIDEOS)

08/04/2011 05:11 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Season four of 'True Blood' has proved to be one of its most intense seasons yet--and if these two previews for this Sunday's episode, "Cold Grey Light Of Dawn" mean anything, it looks like things in Bon Temps are going to get a whole lot darker. If you don't want to be spoiled, then you should probably stop reading--but you're going to miss all of the hot shirtless and sweaty Jason action.

In the first clip, Hoyt arrives at Jason's door, but not to lament about the emotionally distant Jessica, Instead, Hoyt reveals that he's worried about his best friend Jason. We're worried about Jason too. He's been moaning for awhile about not having any special powers like his fairy sister Sookie, and it looks like Jason may soon be turning into something after all. Could it be a werepanther, perhaps?

The second clip reveals that Alcide and Debbie join a new pack, but instead of celebrating with his wolf brother, Alcide looks all ho-hum and glum worrying about Sookie. Of course, Debbie is not pleased. We're sensing a Debbie/Sookie showdown in the episodes to come.

And last but definitely not least, check out this clip of what's to come in season four. It looks pretty intense--but at least there's plenty of Eric to keep us entertained.