08/04/2011 01:09 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2011

Vanessa Minnillo's Estranged Mom Didn't Know She Was Getting Married

Vanessa Minnillo's life might seem like a fairytale, but Star magazine reports, it's not so perfect -- her own mother wasn't even at her recent wedding.

The magazine caught up with Minnillo's estranged mother Helen Bondoc, who abandoned her daughter more than 20 years ago. Bondoc told Star she didn't even know Vanessa was getting married.

“I didn't have a clue that Vanessa was getting married. I still think about her all the time, and I still love her dearly," she said.

Minnillo was only 9-years-old the last time she saw her mother. Bondoc dropped Vanessa and her adopted brother off at their father's house and told him to keep them.

Minnillo, an actress and TV personality, married former pop star and current host of NBC's "The Sing Off" Nick Lachey in July after five years of dating, and the two are already planning to start a family.

Lachey told E! Online that family is very important to the couple and he's sure kids will be around the corner.