08/05/2011 03:08 pm ET | Updated Oct 05, 2011

The Week In Culture

Superstars Support Free Music Platform

Lady Gaga and Kanye West invested in the online music streaming site earlier this week. Despite questions of's legality, the musical duo is included in a group that is investing $7.5 million in the company. Whether this decision is personal, or a product of their investment teams, we are curious to see if more artists will jump on the bandwagon as this type of support from influential artists could potentially give the legitimacy it's looking for.

Pop-Up Lab to Travel the Globe

The Guggenheim Museum partnered with BMW in creating a pop-up pavilion in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to inspire a community-wide investigation of urban life. The BMW Guggenheim partnership described the structure as “a combination of think tank, public forum and community center” that will travel to nine cities over the next six years. So far we only know of three destinations: New York (where it is now), Berlin and Mumbai. We're a fan of bringing free, interactive art to the street and integrating it with everyday life and will keep checking their website see what city this lab is traveling to next.

Dostoevsky's "Double" Announces Lead

New York Magazine
broke the news that Jesse Eisenberg will star in the indie adaptation of Dostoevsky's "The Double" directed by Richard Ayoade. Eisenberg is slated to play the main character, a Russian government official who is consumed by his belief that a doppelganger in his office is trying to take over his life.

Firenze Failure?

The fourth season of MTV's hit reality show, "The Jersey Shore," premiered on Thursday with the relocation of the cast to Florence, Italy. Although they delivered the Jersey Shore vulgarity we have come to love, we were a bit disappointed. Wasn't the premise to show the fist-pumping American-Italian returning to their Florentine heritage? We wanted the "Jersey Shore" cast to be faced with the beauty of their heritage, but alas, as they sped past the magnificent Duomo without even a second glance towards the gym, we knew we had asked for too much. We guess they have the excuse that they were banned from other famous Italian sites. Guess all we will be seeing of this culture clash is the Jersey girls precariously balancing on centuries-old cobblestone in their signature 6-inch stilettos.

Out of the Dark

A rare picture of designer Karl Lagerfield without his signature sunglasses on surfaced this week. Although his glare is fierce, and his fashion even more-so, we think the Chanel legend looks softer and possibly even, kind, without his signature black frames.