The Funniest Economic Downgrade Tweets So Far (SLIDESHOW)

08/08/2011 01:21 pm ET | Updated Oct 08, 2011

Sometimes, things are so bad you just have to laugh... and tweet.

When the S&P downgraded the United States credit rating on Friday, it all but assured stocks would take a tumble all over the world, as they did in the first few moments of trading today. It also left many of us wondering how and when the shockwaves would reach our wallets.

But more importantly, it set off a Twitter firestorm. As always, here at HuffPost Comedy, we mark all occasions, events and economic catastrophes with hilarious Twitter slideshows. It's simply the only way we can cope. Below are some of the tweets that are keeping us from completely freaking out, closing our bank accounts and hiding our $37 in our mattresses. Let us know of any other super funny responses to this unfunny crisis you've seen and maybe we'll add them.

The Funniest Credit Rating Downgrade Tweets So Far