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Why Women Are Better Negotiators Than Men

First Posted: 08/08/11 05:10 PM ET Updated: 10/08/11 06:12 AM ET

Powerful Woman


My caller ID shows it’s the 59th call from the same online university telemarketer. I politely requested they remove me from their call list the third time they called. This time I’m not feeling so inclined to tilt my head in deference and politeness.

I’m annoyed, right? So tell me, why do I feel a knot of tension and resistance about the imminent conversation? How is it that other people have no trouble saying, “Take me off your flippin’ list or I’ll give your name and number to my uncle Vito”?

Before we get to answers, here’s another question: how many of you have ever in your life had to call the big guys at GMAC or Ford Motor Credit (or any creditor for that matter) and ask “permission” to pay your bill two weeks late? Did you get a knot in your stomach? Avoid the call for days or even weeks? I mean it’s shameful not being able to pay your bills, right?

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