08/09/2011 08:41 am ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Couch Surfing: Bros Take Furniture For A Ride On Canadian Lake (VIDEO)

BroShenanigans. Their name says it all.

What do you get when you have some bros, an old couch and a boat? Couch surfing, obviously.

These guys, who go by the name "BroShenanigans," affix some sort of board (boogie board, perhaps?) to the bottom of a couch and take it out for a spin on British Columbia's Kootenay Lake.

For these bros, the couch, which they've named "Dirty Hank," is just not meant to be a sedentary piece of furniture. A few weeks ago, they threw some wheels on the couch and hunted, exercised and played golf from it.

Here's to the internet, bros.

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WATCH: Couch surfing.