08/09/2011 12:33 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Jerry Rice: Randy Moss' Laziness Was Like 'A Little Slap In The Face'

The case has been made that Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice is the greatest player in NFL history, but Rice revealed that he doesn't even think that he is the most talented player to ever play his own position. That's why watching Randy Moss play was so frustrating for him.

And, don't mistake Rice's frustration for jealousy. Rather, he was confounded that a player whom he believed was blessed with even more talent than he had didn't set the league aflame year after year like he did and surpass all of the records that he set.

During an interview with ESPN Radio on Tuesday morning, Rice ripped the recently retired Moss, lamenting "I was not as talented and I had to work harder."

"To see a guy with that much talent not give it 100 percent, it was almost like a little slap in the face. But Randy was Randy," Rice said, one day after joining ESPN as an NFL analyst. "He could have been one of the greatest if he had worked just a little bit harder. I don’t think he wanted to give it 100 percent. You never knew what you were going to get with Randy."

Moss, who ranks third in all-time receiving touchdowns behind Rice and Terrell Owens, started the 2010 season with the New England Patriots and was traded in the middle of the season to the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota cut the 34-year-old after just four games, allowing the Tennessee Titans to claim him off waivers.

Cris Carter, Moss' former teammate and current ESPN analyst, hinted that the Patriots offered him a one-year deal after trading for Chad Ochocinco. But Moss turned it down.

Although Moss might not have been as consistent as Rice, his greatest moments are as memorable as anyone's. Check out some of his best highlights below and discuss in the comments.