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08/09/2011 01:22 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, Heckled While Touring Area Affected By Riots

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, struggled on Tuesday to be heard over hecklers while speaking to residents and the media in Clapham Junction, an area of the city among the hardest hit by the London riots, reports The Guardian.


A longer but lower quality version of the above video shows the mayor thanking volunteers for cleaning up after the riots. "That is the real spirit of London," he said.

But he couldn't continue for long before being interrupted by hecklers.

"I also want to say to the people," the mayor said before being cut off.

"This is your fault!" yelled an onlooker.

"9,000 pound tuition fee!" shouted another.

Johnson, ignoring the hecklers, was able to continue with his statement:

"I also want to say to the people who have been involved in instigating these riots, to those who've been robbing and stealing, that they will be caught, they will be apprehended, and they will face punishments they will bitterly regret. They will."

The mayor attempted to address the response from law enforcement.

"I know there are questions about the police response and about police numbers," he said, shouting to be heard. "And we are certainly going to be dealing with that."

"You talk about robust policing -- what does that actually mean?" a woman asked.

Another woman in the crowd confronted the mayor about the lack of police presence.

"Where were they? At 5:00 we knew they were going to hit and no one was here," she said. "I was in my salon when a brick came through the window. And no one was there to defend me."

Johnson returned from vacation on Monday to a city in chaos. As of Tuesday evening, one person had been killed, 503 people had been arrested and 44 police officers had been injured. 105 people have been charged.

16,000 police officers -- from as many as 26 different UK police forces -- will be deployed in the city through Wednesday morning.

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