08/09/2011 09:27 am ET | Updated Oct 09, 2011

Jon Stewart, Mark Adams Talk Machu Picchu (VIDEO)

Writer Mark Adams looks, as Jon Stewart puts it in the clip below, like a mix of Jon "I'm a P.C." Hodgman and Drew Carey, but that didn't stop him from retracing the footstep of the explorer Hyram Bingham, who discovered Machu Picchu a century ago.

During his visit to "The Daily Show" Monday night, Adams discussed his book Turn Right at Machu Picchu, his affinity for coca leaves and learning not to get kicked by a donkey.

The book is filled with surprising insights about Bingham's so-called discovery of a wildly known--by locals anyway--site and the popularizing of National Geographic.

Adams himself is a former contributing editor to National Geographic Adventure and his previous book, Mr. America was about a weightlifting millionaire. Very macho.

And yes Jon, the Explorer's Club is a real place.