Colbert Not Fooled By Global Warming 'Heatsteria,' Takes On Sponge Bob (VIDEO)

08/10/2011 06:24 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011

First the nation's meteorologists start talking about the heat index like it's a real thing, then Sponge Bob starts force-feeding our children global warming propaganda without presenting the other side of the debate (the "nuh uh" side). That is quite enough for Stephen Colbert.

Much like Rush Limbaugh, Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy, Colbert isn't going to let himself or his audience be taken in by the "heatsterics" out there. Scientists have to start admitting that the "wavy arm thing" theory is just as valid as their peer-reviewed studies.


International viewers can watch the clip at Colbert Nation.