08/14/2011 02:20 am ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011

Inspiration For A Pro-Revolution Portrait In Yemen (VIDEO)

Among the pro-revolution artworks produced during the recent uprisings in Yemen depicts a young girl carrying a large bag and making the victory sign. It's archetypal of Yemeni children who have to work to support their impoverished families.

But the child in this portrait isn't just a poignant symbol of the opposition's struggle--she's real, and she really does collect plastic bottles and carry them in bags nearly as tall as she is.

BBC News caught up with the young muse, who is now taking drawing and painting lessons from the artist who painted her portrait. In the video below, get a glimpse of the struggles--typical among poor Yemeni families--that the opposition forces are reacting against, and the budding child artist whose efforts have become an emblem of the revolution.