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Jeb Bush Jr. Endorses Jon Huntsman For President In 2012

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Jon Huntsman's campaign announced Wednesday that the the Republican presidential candidate has won the endorsement of Jeb Bush Jr., the 28-year-old son of the former Florida governor.

"I am confident that Jon's vision will appeal to young voters, who are concerned about the trillions of dollars in debt being piled on their backs, and who desperately seek jobs and economic opportunity," Bush said in a statement released by the Huntsman campaign. "Perhaps most importantly, Jon is the candidate best-equipped to defeat President Obama next November."

Bush backed Rudy Giuliani in 2008 and toured Florida with Huntsman back in June. While his endorsement does not carry the weight his father's would, the announcement is a signal that Huntsman is making a push in the key swing state.

After the Huntsman campaign told reporters on Tuesday that it would be making a "major announcement" led to speculation that the former ambassador to China had won the endorsement of the elder Bush. But Bush Jr.'s support could still lend Huntsman the imprimatur of the Bush family, and help him with Latino voters.

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