08/10/2011 01:09 pm ET | Updated Oct 10, 2011

Mom Confessions: Survey Reveals Biggest Secrets That Moms Keep

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You might be envious of that mom -- you know, the one whose hair isn't in a pony-tail, who's always the first one on the carpool line, whose kids always have their homework done -- the one who seems to have it all together. But, a new survey from TODAYMoms and says chances are: she doesn't. She's probably overwhelmed too, she's just not telling you about it.

Out of over 26,000 moms surveyed, most admit to some parenting practices that they aren't exactly proud of. And although many moms are on the same page, these topics are rarely discussed because moms fear judgement from others -- a concern that is justified considering 87 percent of moms say they judge other parents.

Among some secrets moms keep, the study found that:

  • 42 percent of moms would rather have more money than spend time with their kids
  • 44 percent would choose losing 15 lbs over adding 15 points to their kid's IQ
  • One in five moms miss their alone time from before their kids were born
  • 33 percent say they lie to family and friends about their parenting practices

Rachel Fishman Feddersen, editorial director of, says that biggest hurdles moms face are "universal exhaustion and universal unawareness before they became moms that this would be 24 hours a day."

As one mom puts it, "Being a mom is like being the CEO of a small business that never closes." Sometimes, she admits, she just needs a break.

However, psychiatrist Janet Taylor points out that this confession can be perceived as selfish. Instead, it should indicate that moms are self-aware and recognize the need for a balance. Moms and friends need to support each other and shouldn't be afraid to ask for help, she says.