08/10/2011 08:25 am ET Updated Oct 10, 2011

Thomas Roberts: 'An Act Of Treason' If Congress Doesn't Act On Economy (VIDEO)

Thomas Roberts wondered if Congressional inaction around the economy should be considered "an act of treason."

Speaking to Washington Post writer Ezra Klein on Tuesday, Roberts referred to a blog post one of Klein's colleagues had written, saying that Congress was doing nothing to stop the "bleeding" in the economy.

"Why don't people look at that as an act of treason?" he asked.

"Whether it's an act of treason, it's a reality of politics right now," Klein said.

Roberts has shown he's not afraid to make provocative statements. Previously, he's said Michele Bachmann wants to "extinguish" gay people, and argued aggressively with an opponent of same-sex marriage.

Watch (via Newsbusters):