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Bernie Madoff iPad Cover: Tablet Cases Made From Fraudster's Pants

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Would you trust Bernie Madoff to keep your iPad in his safe?

What about in his pants?

John Vaccaro, the founder of, thinks there's enough demand for iPad covers fashioned from the convicted Ponzi schemer's trousers.

Vaccaro's site, which sells "fashion iPad covers in rescued and vintage cashmere, silk, rayon, [and] wool," has now released "The Bernie Madoff," a set of 31 iPad covers made from old pairs of Madoff's pants, including trousers from J.Crew, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren.

“There are a lot of collectors out there who would like to own a quirky piece of history, even the worst kind. I would have been first in line to own a piece from the Dillinger or Bonnie & Clyde era,” said Vaccaro in a statement provided to The Huffington Post.

Vaccaro purchased the 16 pairs of Madoff pants at an auction last fall.

The finished covers will set customers back $250 to $350, nearly half the price of many iPads. But hey, if someone will pay $200 for a pair of Madoff's underwear, then there's certainly a market for these.

These rank among the strangest-ever accessories for an Apple product--and we've seen our fair share of oddballs. Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, display booths proudly showed off quirky iPad covers modeled after everything from an Etch A Sketch to mock-crocodile skin. iPhones owners are also known to deck out their handsets in oddball skins. Check out our slideshow of the craziest iPhone 4 cases.

Visit to see the entire collection of Madoff cases.

LOOK: iPad covers made from Madoff's pants:

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