08/11/2011 10:06 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2011

Juan Nicasio, Rockies Pitcher Who Broke Neck, Released From Hospital

Five days after a line drive hit Colorado Rockies' pitcher Juan Nicasio in the head and broke his neck, the 24-year-old was released from a Denver hospital Wednesday.

The pitcher underwent neck surgery early last Saturday to stabilize a fractured vertebra sustained in the incident. In addition to the broken vertebra, an MRI indicated internal bleeding on the right side of his head where the ball made impact. After surgery, Rockies trainer Keith Dugger said of Nicasio, "He can move his arms. He can talk. He can sit up with help. He remember every detail of that game, including that pitch."

Nicasio's mother and sister, citizens of the Dominican Republic, have obtained passports and hope to secure a U.S. visa to visit Juan in Denver, reports the Denver Post.

"To know that he is at home and he might have his TV on, I just want to make sure he knows that his manager, his teammates and all the members of our organization and our fans ... wish him well and ... we're all thinking about him," Rockies manager Jim Tracy told the Associated Press.

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