08/15/2011 10:54 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2011

'London Looters' Video Game Created In Response To London Riots

A Dutch game designer has released an online-only video game about the London Riots.

Kenney Vleugels said was inspired to make "London Looters" after seeing a photograph of 89-year old Aaron Biber, whose barbershop had been ransacked in the first night of unrest.

Players enter the game as a shopkeeper who must defend his store from an unending hoard of looters. Armed only with a club, the shopkeeper must attack the looters before they can clean out the store.

"After a certain amount of time it's nearly impossible to defend against the mob," Vleugels described the game to The Huffington Post, "that's how I feel the shop owners must have felt."

Asked about the use of violence in his game, Vleugels said, "What choice do shop owners have to protect against looters other than violence? You could empty your store, go home and hope for the best but many didn't have the time or resources to do this. So yes, I feel the violence against a mob of looters is justified."

Vleugels claims that "London Looters" was produced in under five hours. It can be found at

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