08/11/2011 10:18 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2011

Rose McGowan's Pot Brownie Welcome To Realtors

Rose McGowan listed her Los Feliz home back in February, but she's only just now admitting what it took to get it sold.

On an episode of Chelsea Lately, the lovely actress shared a story about her assistant placing a big plate of pot brownies on her kitchen counter with a sign that said, "Enjoy!" Not suspecting that they were made with marijuana, McGowan left the treats out for an open house during which eight real estate agents and inspectors visited the property. She figured out the brownies' secret ingredient after a strange and spaced-out phone call from her realtor.

McGowan also admitted that the reason she let go of her gorgeous 1928 home is because she thought she was allergic to it. After moving to a new home, which McGowan says she "loathes" and "hates," she realized her allergic reactions were being set off by her down pillows. To audience laughter, McGowan admitted, "I did not say I was smart!" When she tried to get her beloved Los Feliz home back, the new owner (apparently Paul McCartney's manager), would only give it up for much more than he paid for.

Kudos to Curbed LA for pointing out the video.

Check out the home Rose McGowan wishes was still hers. Photos by Everett Fenton Gidley, courtesy of the official listing with Tracy Tutor Maltas of Parters Trust