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Michele Bachmann's Husband, Marcus Bachmann, Calls 'Submissive' Wife Question 'Unfortunate'

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AMES, IOWA -- Marcus Bachmann, standing off to the side of the stage a few minutes before his wife spoke, told The Huffington Post he was optimistic about her chances in the poll.

"I appreciate the weather cooperating," he said, referring to the gorgeous, mid-80's day.

HuffPost asked him if he thought it was appropriate and fair for a question to be asked of his wife in the debate Thursday night about whether she would be "submissive" to him, her husband, if she were president.

"The answer was brilliant," he said.

I asked him again.

"They need to focus on what's important in this country," Marcus Bachmann said, pointing to jobs and the economy as the topics that should take priority. "It's unfortunate that they focus on things that are not as important."

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