The Top 10 Colleges Send The Highest Percentage Of Students To Grad School

08/15/2011 07:52 am ET | Updated Oct 14, 2011

Planning on going to graduate school after college? US News and World Report recently compiled a list of the 10 colleges with the highest percentage of students that go on to grad school. Food for thought.

The Report has more:

Of the 1,756 undergraduate programs surveyed by U.S. News, 627 reported the percentage of their 2009 graduating class that had gone on to pursue a graduate degree within a year of graduation. Among those schools, an average of 25.5 percent of students opted to attend graduate school within a year of receiving their diplomas. A handful institutions, however, are well above that average.

At Yeshiva University, 89 percent of graduates went on to graduate school within a year, by far the most of any school in the nation.

Check out our slide show of the top 10 colleges that send the highest percentage of students to grad school. Then tell us, do you think grad school is important to consider when picking your college? Weigh in below!