08/15/2011 01:44 pm ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

Kid Cudi, 'No One Believes Me,' Will Be On 'Fright Night' Soundtrack

Kid Cudi has set up a pretty terrifying scenario to match his words on "No One Believes Me." His video for the track, directed by Craig Gillespie, is like a subdued version of "Thriller" -- it opens with Cudi walking down a deserted suburban street as ominous string music and "Psycho"-esque sound effects set the stage. He passes, among other things, a bloody girl in a nightdress, fogged-up car windows and does a lot of staring into bedroom windows.

Of course, this makes complete sense, since he wrote the song for the soundtrack of "Fright Night," a remake of the 80s cult classic, which will star Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

I kind of wrote to the original “Fright Night” and I wanted to stay true to the plot and the story. We really were inspired to create the song for the movie which was something I had never done before. I didn’t want it to be a cheesy [or a] cliché type of record. I still wanted it to be something that people could play and still absorb it and enjoy it without thinking ‘aw this is for the 'Fright Night' movie."

'Fright Night' opens Aug. 19.

WATCH if you dare: