08/16/2011 09:09 am ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

Lt. Patrick Wayland Donates Kidney After Death, Saves Fellow Marine (VIDEO)

Sgt. Jacob Chadwick, 23, was devastated when he learned that his kidney donor had withdrawn. Chadwick knew his chance of finding another donor who matched his rare blood type was slim, ABC reports.

"[The hospital] told us that a Type O donor could take an average of four to five years to receive, Chadwick's wife, Victoria, said. "And that was not guaranteed either."

Earlier this month, his donor's family found him.

While swimming in gear during flight training in Pensacola, Fla., 2nd Lt. Patrick Wayland suffered from a heart attack and died.

"[Wayland] was a registered donor but [the family] wanted to find people who they thought were deserving," Chadwick told the network.

A doctor working with the Wayland family searched the internet for the ideal recipient and came upon Chadwick and four other patients in need.

"It's beyond awesome," Chadwick's wife shared with ABC. "It's from one brother given to another."