08/15/2011 01:40 pm ET | Updated Oct 15, 2011

Patricia Field: David Cameron Got So Fat

Patricia Field has never been afraid to speak her mind. The costume designer famously came out in full support of John Galliano after his anti-Semitism scandal at Dior.

Now Field has set her sights on British prime minister David Cameron, sounding off on his recent appearance to the Independent.

The verdict? None too kind:

"He used to be, you know, good-looking; he looks fat now... He must have put on about 40, 50 pounds, that guy; he looks a mess! And that is not good because he's supposed to be an example for people. He's just globbing up food: he's gotten so fat, it's really bad."

Poor David Cameron -- can a busy prime minister whose capital just nearly burned to the ground catch a break? No sir, not when it comes to matters of appearance and beauty.

Field's mission, after all, is to make the world a more bright and beautiful place, which she attempted to do with her recent collaboration with Kotex (yep, Kotex). In the promo Field explained in her gravelly New York accent, "I see a world that's very colorful and textured with, like, ice flying through it!"

Sounds dangerous. But not as dangerous as gaining weight and having Patricia Field notice.

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