08/16/2011 10:56 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2011

Prince Harry & Florence Brudenell-Bruce Call It Quits? (VIDEO)

It was a short summer romance for Prince Harry and girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce, the Daily Mirror writes. The two have reportedly ended their relationship, which began at the end of the June.

Unfortunately, it sounds like your typical end-of-the-season breakup: after a whirlwind summer, the Daily Mirror reports, the British royal just doesn't want to be "tied down" by a relationship.

Instead, sources say Harry wants to focus on himself, which in this case means his Apache helicopter training and a return to Afghanistan.

It's a sad ending to what could have been a fairy tale romance. 25-year-old Brudenell-Bruce was not only a gorgeous blonde underwear model, but also "a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan, Lieutenant General James Thomas Brudenell, who famously led the Charge of the Light Brigade against Russian forces during the Crimean War," wrote the Telegraph back in June. Fancy.

The famously wilder of the two princes was seen out with Flee, as she is known, throughout the summer, taking her to the Killers concert in July and even inviting her to meet his high-profile family.

But as they approach the two month mark, according to the Daily Mirror, Harry and Flee have parted ways. Now the royal can go back to being "100 percent single"... and we can all go back to speculating who will be next British blonde to fall in his path.