08/16/2011 04:14 pm ET | Updated Oct 16, 2011

Top Ten Ways To "Go It Alone" In Park Slope

Lest anyone think this is going to be one of those underhandedly positive "tips for singles" articles (my favorite is HERE - like I needed to be told not to buy a pound of fresh basil when I was single) or some sort of Oprah-esque treatise on the value of "me time" don't worry, it won't be. This is entirely about the pure, unadulterated, (sometimes misanthropic) joy of spending time by oneself. With that, here are my 10 favorite things to do solo in the Slope...
#10 - Go to a diner and read the paper. My diner of choice is the PARK CAFE on 7th Ave at Union - mainly because I've never waited for a table but also because they have more kinds of pancakes than anywhere else I've been in the 'nabe.

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