08/17/2011 12:42 pm ET Updated Oct 17, 2011

Tom Tancredo Launches 'American Legacy Alliance' Super PAC

Not to be outdone by political titans such as Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, and Stephen Colbert, Tom Tancredo has formed a 'super PAC.' The former Colorado congressman, one-time presidential candidate, and gubernatorial candidate filed paperwork establishing the group late last week.

The PAC, called 'The American Legacy Alliance,' pledges "to ensure that you can pass to your descendants a country and culture that is still America."

"Through the American Legacy Alliance, we will launch several projects to return Colorado and America to solid constitutional moorings," said Tancredo.

Hyperbolic imagery dominates the website, juxtaposing stock photos of children with pertinent questions such as, "will they have any use for English in their own country?" and warning Tancredo's opponents "will use everything, even America's own values, to succeed."

Bullet number one in the "First Year's Mission" column is "Defeat The Obama Amnesty." Bullet numbers 2-7 are populated with generic web-design latin placeholders, but we're sure they will have meaning soon enough. For example, in a 2009 YouTube message Tancredo expressed his desire to launch the PAC, and the need for "a citizens initiative to declare Colorado a U.N. free zone."

Tancredo's personal message on the site also cautions the rise of a "different America," one where:

*The sole purpose of work will be to pay the taxes demanded by a government they are powerless to resist.
*English will give way to the hodgepodge of languages spoken by those that chose to ignore what few immigration laws remain.
*The rule of law will only exist to protect the rights of those that break the law and exploit the system.
*Western civilization will only really exist in the history books, if they are allowed to learn about it.

Tancredo's super PAC is still in its infancy, "We haven't raised a dime, to my knowledge," said Tancredo to the Denver Post on Tuesday, but promises to spice up the 2012 election cycle.