08/18/2011 12:35 pm ET Updated Oct 18, 2011

Canoer Missing In San Francisco Bay

The US Coast Guard is searching for a man who went missing on Wednesday afternoon when his canoe capsized in the bay near Treasure Island, SFGate reports.

According to the Coast Guard, three men were in the canoe when it capsized, but two of them swam safely to shore and then returned home to change, while the third man climbed back aboard the canoe. When the two returned to the shore, they found no sign of their friend or the canoe, and immediately contacted the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter and two boats, according to CBS, and local fire and police boats also helped with the search. It is not known if the missing man was wearing a life jacket.

Last month, 62-year-old Cathy Caton went missing in the bay while windsurfing after her equipment malfunctioned. A Coast Guard helicopter spotted her and pulled her to safety after she spent 13 hours in the water. She was wearing a wetsuit and a flotation device. Her husband, Steve Hamman, told reporters that "the conditions for her survival were favorable…she's cold, but otherwise looks alert and is doing okay."

The Coast Guard asks anyone who sees the missing canoer to call (415) 399-3451 or 911.