08/18/2011 09:45 am ET | Updated Oct 18, 2011

Chaz Bono Talks 'Becoming Chaz' Emmy Nominations, Facial Hair

Chaz Bono is thrilled with the three Emmy nominations his documentary "Becoming Chaz" has earned, but what is he almost equally psyched about? His newfound facial hair.

"I've always been attracted to facial hair since I was a little kid," Bono says. "I remember my mom had a boyfriend for years that I absolutely adored. He had a beard. I remember thinking I wish I could have a beard like that."

But Bono isn't the only one fascinated by his new look.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world. People's interest in me has always been interesting to me," he says of the media attention his facial hair is getting. "I have always wanted to grow facial hair. I'm excited and if other people are getting a kick out of it, fine."

Facial hair or not, by the time the Emmy awards roll around on September 18, Bono is hoping that his face will be gracing living room small screens across the country. Although Bono explains that doing the work is more important to him than the accolades that follow, he is not one of those celebrities who pretends that just being nominated is enough. He wants to win and already knows where his award will live -- "Somewhere in the living room. Over the fireplace or in a prominent home," his tells me laughing.

So how did Bono hear the big news that his journey to "Becoming Chaz" was being recognized as an Emmy nominated piece of work?

"I was at home. Up really early and was getting in the shower and someone tweeted congratulations," Bono tells me about the morning the nominations were announced. "Jenny [Bono's partner] came running in and said I think we have got an Emmy nomination. It couldn't have been more of a surprise."

If everything goes his way, Bono will have a few new decorations for his mantle come fall as well as a mustache.