Sam Sellers And Jamel Mims: Teachers Using Hip-Hop Program To Help Students Pass Regents Exams

08/18/2011 01:45 pm ET | Updated Oct 18, 2011

Ain't nothing but a G thing, baby.

G as in grades, that is.

It's been decades since 'School House Rock' took television screens to educate kids through song and melody, but two history teachers are using those same principles -- with a hip-hop twist -- to sink into the minds of regents-bound students.

Sam Sellers and Jamel Mims, history teachers by day and seasoned hip-hop enthusiasts by night, came together to create a program designed to help students prepare for their exams in an unconventional way.

The rap songs, written by Sellers, are rich with history and cover significant educational topics. Like any other radio single today, the catchy hooks and lyrics lodge seamlessly into young minds while keeping the beats fresh and the rhyming conscious. The outcome delivers the flavor of a contemporary hip-hop track without making it seem corny and dismissible.

Ultimately, students are able to recite lines and lyrics effortlessly while retaining the education and facts of the subject matter. In return, the grades of the those participating are rapidly rising, and like most catchy songs, the lyrics are sticking for good.