08/21/2011 08:44 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

Abandoned Dog Near Highway Eludes Rescuers (VIDEO)

A dog in Stockton, California has been been hiding near a highway bridge and eluding animal rescuers for days. According to the video from CBS Local News in Sacramento, the dog was likely abandoned by the side of the road.

Dog trainer Lisa Dubois said the dog "is waiting for the owner to come back."

Dubois and others' attempts to corner the dog, on a grassy hill near an overpass, have so far been unsuccessful. With heavy traffic just feet from the dog's hiding spot, animal control officials are concerned about the safety of motorists.

Dubois and other concerned citizens hope officials will close the bridge temporarily to retrieve the dog.

The past few months have seen some heartwarming, and often miraculous, dog rescues. In June, technology helped one pet owner in Minnesota reunite with her lost dog.

Natural disasters take a tremendous toll on humans and their property, but dogs often prove themselves to be quite resilient. This spring, a dog was found floating on a roof over a mile from shore after the tsunami hit Japan.

Three weeks after tornadoes devastated parts of Alabama, a brave little dog returned home after dragging himself on two broken legs for an unknown distance.

Some animals shelters are getting creative, with ideas such as doggy "speed dating" to find loving homes for helpless dogs.

In Thailand, over one thousand dogs were recently rescued from dog traffickers. The dogs, which were destined for a dinner table, were kept in tiny cages.