Joel McHale: 'The Soup' Barred From Kardashian Sex Tape References By E!

08/19/2011 06:02 pm ET | Updated Oct 19, 2011

While the guest list has swelled to massive proportions, there is at least one celebrity who will most definitely not be at Kim Kardashian's Saturday wedding.

Joel McHale has made a living poking fun at pop culture and reality shows as host of "The Soup," and for the most part, he says that his targets have taken it in stride. It seems, at least from the audience's perspective, that he has carte blanche to take the gloves off, but as he tells Just Jared, having his show on the same parent network as the world's biggest reality stars can cause some major complications.

"I know the Kardashians don't like me. No one has said 'how dare you,' reality stars without exception have come up to me and have said 'Thank you for making fun of me,'" he tells the gossip blog. "We made so much fun of Jake Pavelka, and he responded by coming on the show. With the Kardashians we're not allowed to say they have a sex tape anymore because the network flips out. Tyra Banks was the only one that tried to make us not feature her show on ours, but then she changed her tune, and then she went off the air, much to our great disappointment."

For his part, McHale is no fan of reality shows, despite how much content they provide endless content for his own show.

"Shows like 'Big Brother' drive me out of my mind. I can't stand them," he told New York Magazine earlier in the week. "That title is a moving target, as things in reality shows change all the time. But 'Big Brother' should just be called 'Whispering and Conspiring.' It shows human beings at their worst. Those shows where they just say, 'Let's take a bunch of damaged people, throw them into a house, and ply them with booze and see what happens'? That's where we're using our loser brains."

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