08/22/2011 01:57 pm ET | Updated Oct 22, 2011

Florence Welch Goes Androgynous For Cover Of Vogue Nippon (PHOTO)

Florence Welch is not your conventional style star.

She doesn't have the delicate, dainty features so proudly worn by most top models and celebs. She's neither blonde nor brunette but has a head full of fiery red hair, usually worn unkempt and loose. She takes her skirts super short or super long, rocking outfits seemingly dusted off from your Grandma's attic.

So it comes as no surprise that Welch's most recent modeling gig on the cover of October's Vogue Nippon is an unconventional look. Styled expertly by Karl Lagerfeld, Welch wears a starched white shirt, black pinstripe trousers and a red silk matador-esque jacket all by Gucci, the high-fashion brand she currently reps.

Although some may see a resemblance to Lagerfeld fave Baptiste Giabiconi or to the Kaiser himself, to us the singer has a Tilda Swinton vibe going on. Between the fair skin, the pompadour hairstyle and the androgynous bent, the Florence and the Machine singer adeptly channels the actress' iconic style.

Take a look at the cover below -- what do you think of Welch's Lagerfeld-styled look?