08/22/2011 11:13 am ET Updated Oct 22, 2011

Watch Out Mr. Kardashian, Khloe Says It's All About Kim

If Kim Kardashian’s new husband, Kris Humphries, doesn’t know it yet he’s about to find out -- it’s Kim’s world and everyone else around her just lives in it!

“I mean, honestly, Kim is self-absorbed ... in a good way,” Khloe told me a few weeks ago when we met in New York. “Because she is someone who just really cares about her health and her body and she focuses on that. She gets manicures twice a week and goes to the gym everyday, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I don’t know how there are enough hours for her to do all that in a day, but she’s not self-absorbed like, ‘I’m so cute,’ she’s just very good at keeping care of herself.”

That amazing care she takes of herself will be revealed Wednesday, on the cover of People magazine. For the price of $1.5 million, the publication has obtained exclusive photographs from her wedding that reveal all three wedding dresses the bride wore. And if her new NBA star husband, Humphries, is anything like her older sister, Kourtney, he will be happy that Kim’s around to take the attention off him.

“I am like, ‘I just don’t care,'" Kourtney tells me about it always being about Kim. “I am just like, ‘please talk about Kim because then she can be sitting here instead of me.'"

Let's hope the new Mr. Kardashian feels the same!