Grandmas Get Inked: The Latest Trend In Tattoos (VIDEO)

08/22/2011 10:37 am ET | Updated Oct 22, 2011

Thinking of what to get your grandma for her 70th birthday? According to the "Today" Show, you might consider a gift card to the local tattoo parlor.

The latest trend in tattoos, we learned, is women older and older are getting inked. It's a jarring sight: a white-haired grandma hobbling into a dark den of a tattoo parlor and describing in her crackly, old lady voice what kind of design she'd like seared into her arm.

"Today" introduced us to one woman, Helen, who got her first tattoo at age 75. She now has 50, all up and down her arms and legs.

There are other women, too, who got inked later in life. The show filmed 65-year-old Ilene going for her very first tattoo. Her chosen design: a gun.

Perhaps inspired by the plucky, "try anything" spirit of these gutsy retirees, "Today" correspondent Jenna Wolfe decides on camera that she's going to get one, too. This cannot end well.

Luckily, the giant, heinous, "Today" Show-themed tat Wolfe gets on her bicep is temporary, she assures her fellow reporters -- it will wash off in about a week.

Not so for all those tatted-up grandmas. That ink is there to last.


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