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Scott Brown Targeted In 'Bobble Head' Attack Ad (VIDEO)

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A labor-backed coalition is looking to send Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) a message with a new ad.

"Scott Brown promised to be an independent voice for Massachusetts," says a narrator in the spot from MassUniting. "But instead, we got 'Bobble Head Brown,' saying 'yes' to Wall Street and the national Republican agenda. Brown said 'yes' to shipping jobs overseas. 'Yes' to tax breaks for oil companies and billionaires. 'Yes' to slashing Medicaid and Social Security. Tell Scott Brown there's nothing independent about saying 'yes' to Wall Street and the Republican leadership."

The group communicates the same message on the website The Massachusetts senator is up for reelection in 2012.

Former Obama adviser and consumer protection advocate Elizabeth Warren launched a senatorial exploratory committee last week. The AP reported on the step toward challenging Brown in the next election cycle:

Warren, a Harvard Law School professor, is meeting with activists and party officials across the state and plans to decide after Labor Day whether she will run. Top national Democrats desperate to take back the seat long held by the late Edward M. Kennedy have been urging Warren to join the primary field.


Supporters say Warren's image as a crusader on behalf of consumers against well-heeled Wall Street and corporate interests and her national profile would make her a strong candidate, even though she's never run for public office.

Below, video of the ad from MassUniting targeting the Massachusetts senator.


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