Mark Sanford: Some Of My Friends Have Called My Absence From 2012 GOP Primary Race 'A Greek Tragedy'

08/23/2011 12:14 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford (R) says that some of his friends have called his absence from the race for the Republican presidential nomination "a Greek tragedy" in an interview with ABC News published online on Tuesday.

During a recent interview on Fox News, Sanford signaled that he has no intention of trying to revive his career in politics.

The former governor, who admitted to having an extramarital affair with an Argentinean woman in the summer of 2009, has made a series of media appearances in recent weeks.

"I am climbing out of my cocoon," explained Sanford to ABC News. "It's pretty scary and I don't want to get my head chopped off again. I don't know where my life goes next but I do know that hiding out on a farm doesn't get you there."

During a recent interview that aired on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight," Sanford reflected on the path he's taken since his infidelity came to light roughly two years ago.

"If you went through the level of destruction that I brought about in my own life, you have this yearning to construct something," he said. "We get our priorities mixed up in life. Fundamentally, life is about relationships -- relationship to God and relationship to those around us."

Below, video of what Sanford had to say on CNN:


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