08/24/2011 06:06 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Isaac Mizrahi Not Showing At Fashion Week, Sheds Light On 'The Creative Process'

Isaac Mizrahi took a few minutes out from an afternoon of model fittings to film this video blog, in which he reveals that he won't be showing at New York Fashion Week this season. Instead, he'll present his spring 2012 collection via lookbooks to be sent out next month.

Why, you ask? “We think that sounds modern,” he explains. "Of course, next season we'll be planning our fabulous Lollapalooza fashion show in 3D.”

The designer goes on to demystify the work of creating clothing:

“It's the creative process, dahling, which is a lot like the process of cooking dinner, or you know, birthing children, or building a building, or doing anything that anybody does. But, for some reason, it's glorified and romanticized into this thing called ‘the creative process.' But, in fact, it's really nothing more or less than ... eating lunch. It's a physical process."

Yep, eating lunch and giving birth -- totally the same thing.

Fortunately, said process hasn't kept him from enjoying some sun. “It’s fun to be in New York right now; the weather is so gorgeous," he notes. We concur! But then he continues... and it's kind of a downer. "There was an earthquake, and there's a hurricane coming, and if that doesn't get you, the stock market will crash again and it’ll get you. Something's going to get you."

But on the bright side, "mercury does go direct Thursday or Friday," he assures us.