Joe Jonas: Taylor Swift Collaboration Could Happen

08/24/2011 10:48 am ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

At the height of his fame, when his three headed do-gooding sibling monster was rampaging through city streets lined with screaming tween fans, Joe Jonas was one of the most desired young men in show business. And he had the lady friend track record to prove it. Most famously, and then infamously, was his relationship with the then-budding superstar Taylor Swift.

That pairing, of course, ended quite swiftly, with what became the 27 second phone call heard round the world. Which led to the pair's first collaboration, of sorts -- the song "Forever & Always" is allegedly about the split. Which beget their second "duet": the Jonas song "Much Better," on their "Lines, Vines & Trying Times" album.

Now, a few years later and embarking on a solo career, Joe says he's ready to put the past behind him and work on a song with Swift -- one on which they actually team up, not take shots at each other.

"I think there's a great opportunity for that to happen," Jonas said in a new interview with Bliss Magazine (via Anything Disney). "We're friendly, we're not enemies. People like to think that once you've dated, that's it and you can never be friends again. They see it in a very black and white way. But there's a middle-ground in that situation."

That situation, Jonas said, takes time to hash out.

"I'd have to say that in order to save a friendship, you need to be yourself," he explained. "Sadly it's not always possible, but I was brought up to be a good guy and I hope that shows. These things take time too. You can't be friends with someone immediately after a break up. It's not an overnight situation. Everyone needs some time to heal and figure it all out."

If they are indeed at that point, well, it would be sweet to see them reach a new stage of musical maturity and team up like that. Wouldn't be bad publicity for his new solo album, either.

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