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Patton Oswalt Plays Tom Scharpling In 'Unfinished' Ettes Music Video

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"Best Show on WFMU" host Tom Scharpling has lately carved out a niche for himself as an acclaimed music video director, working with indie favorites The New Pornographers, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists and Titus Andronicus. In his newest video for "Excuse" by the Ettes, which debuted exclusively on Spin today, Scharpling really blows it. Or at least that's what Patton Oswalt, playing Scharpling, tells us.

"Hi, I'm Tom Scharpling. I'm the director of the video you're about to see," Oswalt, a friend of Scharpling's, says in an introduction. In the video, which Scharpling wrote and directed, Oswalt declares that he was given a $81 million budget for the video but wasted it all. "I'm a bad guy, with a lot of deep vices," Oswalt-as-Scharpling tells the audience. He encourages viewers to use their imaginations to imagine what the video would have looked like if they had finished it, if they were able to replace the crude green screen with mind-blowing special effects.

The video is fantastically funny, and the song "Excuse" by the Nashville trio The Ettes is excellent as well. Check it out at Spin!


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