08/24/2011 03:51 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Pictures Of Celebrities Eating Ice Cream (PHOTOS)

With all the red carpet opportunities, in which they dress to the nines, put on their makeup and flash perfect smiles, it's no wonder that we think of celebrities as demigods, not humans. They all look perfect!

Here's a major piece of news: famous people are, indeed, people, and as such, need nourishment and enjoy their vices (okay, we knew that already). And so, in the end, no matter how many awards you've won or magazine you've covered, you've got to eat -- an inherently awkward physical act, mouth opening and closing, jaws mashing, remnants of food smeared on your face.

Amongst the most awkward, and thusly embarrassing, foods to eat is ice cream. A semi-solid that melts in all directions and smears like ash on paper, ice cream teases the mouth and demands full jaw opening, at the penalty of temporary culinary mustache. Seeing a celebrity, then, eating ice cream, is a sort of humanizing experience. Which is why we just can't stop looking at it.


celebrities eating ice cream