08/24/2011 12:11 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Game Calls Out Kreayshawn And Disses Jay-Z

New feud alert?

Eager to promote his newest project, “The R.E.D. Album," rapper Game -- formerly The Game -- opens up about some of the shots he took at fellow rappers Kreayshawn, Jay-Z and Odd Future's Tyler The Creator on his recent mix tape "Hood Morning."

According to The Daily, on the track "Uncle Otis," Game calls out "Gucci Gucci" rapper Kreayshawn, for her use of the N-word, rapping:

“Little white bitch, better stay in your place, you call me a n*****, I’m gonna put the ‘K’ in your face.”

Game explained to the paper, "Just heard the song, and heard she played with the N-word, and I just said something about it. That wasn’t even too personal ... just take it on the chin, keep it rolling," he said.

But it's not just newcomers he took shots at on the track. According to The Daily, Game also slammed 41-year-old Jay-Z about his age.

Despite the diss, Game was quick to recognize he's talking about rap royalty, explaining that Jay-Z is "definitely one of the best to ever do it. When you hear me take a shot, it’s nothing but modern day, good hip-hop. It’s a competition. I think that’s what people forget to realize,” he said.

But Game did come clean about why he isn't Jay's biggest fan. He told the radio show "The Next 48 Hours," that he met Jay-Z at the 40/40 Club (which Jay owns) and asked him how he manages to stay relevant, but Game said he really didn't like Jay's answer. "So ever since then I just kinda take shots here and shot there," he said.

The rapper wouldn't say what Jay-Z said to him because he ironically didn't want to start anything, but said it was enough to sour him on the rap icon from then on.