08/24/2011 08:46 am ET | Updated Oct 24, 2011

Vaughn Bergen, Aruba Left Fielder, Dances During 2011 Little League World Series Loss (VIDEO)

In baseball, it is said that the best pitchers are able to "pitch to the score," meaning that they will aggressively attack the strike zone and pitch to contact when staked to a large lead in order to limit their pitch count and speed up the game.

Earlier this week, a player representing Aruba in the 2011 Little League World Series showed baseball fans that there may also be a strategy known as "dancing to the score. "

With his team already trailing Chinese Taipei, 20-0, in the fourth inning, reserve left fielder Vaughn Bergen began showing off some dances moves to keep the crowd entertained. He even took some requests.

Not only did the 11-year-old's dancing jazz up the crowd, but it loosened up his teammates, who would push across three runs shortly after his unexpected Footloose moment.

"The dancing thing got everyone smiling, and they started hitting the ball in that last inning," said Luigi Bergen, Vaughn's father.

The announcers calling the game for ESPN definitely got a kick out of the left fielder's moves, noting that "This is Little League Baseball. This is what it's all about. He's trailing 20-0 and he's dancing. I'm smiling, young man. I'm smiling."

The overwhelmingly positive reaction to Bergen's dance moves shows how important context, and pay grade, are when it comes to moments of on-field distraction. After all, no one has been particularly forgiving of the manner in which Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro was caught not paying strict attention in a game by ESPN's cameras.