08/26/2011 10:43 am ET | Updated Oct 26, 2011

Every 'Childrens Hospital' Character Gets Own Spinoff (VIDEO)

Can't get enough "Childrens Hospital"? With only one episode left in this season, we understand that it will be difficult to say goodbye to the absurdist Adult Swim medical drama parody until next season.

But you're in luck, as your Childrens Hospital cup runneth over. In an exclusive clip on Vulture, the season finale of "Childrens Hospital" will take a look at a spinoff of the show. And also another spinoff. And another one.

Okay, every character from "Childrens Hospital" is getting their own spinoff. Yes, yes, we know it's a joke -- but the action parody "NTSF:SD:SUV" also started off as a joke before becoming a real show on Adult Swim, so why couldn't "The Ghost Doctorer"?

The season finale of "Childrens Hospital" will air on Cartoon Network next Thursday, Sept. 2, at midnight.