08/26/2011 07:44 pm ET | Updated Oct 26, 2011

Facebook Is Good 'Outliers'

Ron Brownstein shows how Perry is cutting into Romney's support.

Nate Silver says Perry's surge calls Romney's campaign strategy into question.

Democracy In America suggests "anyone" would perform better than Michele Bachmann against Obama.

Dave Weigel is SHOCKED that an unpopular president is performing poorly against potential challengers.

Jonathan Chait sums up a public opinion dilemma for Obama.

Benjy Sarlin chronicles the rise of Public Policy Polling.

We Ask America defends its Wisconsin numbers to Dave Weigel, Seth Masket doesn't like the spin.

Peyton Craighill ponders perceptions of Martin Luther King's unfulfilled dream.

Catalist announces paid access to its national voter registration list for academics.

Pew Internet finds most people think social networking is "good."