Didier Drogba Injury: Chelsea Star Knocked Out During Match Against Norwich City (VIDEO)

08/27/2011 03:42 pm ET | Updated Oct 27, 2011

In the 71st minute of Chelsea's 3-1 victory over Norwich City, star striker Didier Drogba had to be carted off the field after a brutal collision with goalkeeper John Ruddy.

As Drogba went up for a header in the box, Ruddy challenged him in mid-air and appeared to hit him in the chin with his elbow. Drogba hit the ground face-down and laid motionless as the doctors ran onto the pitch.

The 33-year-old was put on a stretcher and taken to a hospital. According to Dan Levene of the Fulham Chronicle, Drogba was unconscious for 30 minutes and is suffering from a concussion.

Chelsea's official website announced that he will be released from the hospital tonight.

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