08/28/2011 04:55 am ET | Updated Oct 27, 2011

Marc Khaisman Creates Art With Packing Tape(VIDEO)

Ukranian-born artist Marc Khaisman was originally trained as an architect, but now he uses an unusual medium to create his art: packing tape.

Khaisman delved into working with packing tape after experimenting with stained glass. Since he began to work with tape, Khaisman's work has been featured in and Wired. He also won a Silver Lion at Cannes for best design.

By layering the tape, Khaisman is able to achieve spatial depth in a work made out of packing tape and plexiglass. The layers function as a sort of impasto, and he's even able to portray detailed facial features. He creates pieces using his favorite scenes from movies, his own photographs, propaganda art and famous images from art history.

Learn more about the artist and his art in the video below.