Kim Kardashian VMAs 2011 PHOTOS: Hit Or Miss?

08/28/2011 09:44 pm ET | Updated Oct 28, 2011

Since returning on Saturday from her honeymoon, Kim Kardashian wasted no time making her first public appearance as a married woman. But it kind of left us cold. Can we point out a couple things? Long gowns are not your best look, KK. You're a little lady. Also: we're sure no one else minds, but you don't always have to show the rear view. Leave a little something to the imagination. We get it.

But maybe that's just us. What do YOU think?

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The standard pose: 2011-08-29-kimkardashianvmas.jpg

The bling! 2011-08-29-kimkardashianweddingring.jpg


The front: 2011-08-29-kimkardashianvmas2011.jpg

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